Wax Fall Leaves

Celeste and I have been wanting to preserve the beauty of fall, especially the gorgeous colours found in the leaves fallen from the trees near our house. We go regularly for walks in a small forested area and collect leaves. We have pressed some, and finally yesterday we waxed some too! 

This project is easy to do, but you have to be very careful with the hot wax. I follow these simple directions from Clover Lane

All you need is a disposable pan, a pot of water to create a double boiler and wax. I found the wax in the baking section of my local grocery store. You need to melt the wax, then very carefully dip each leaf to cover it with a thin layer of wax. Make sure to hold the leaf by its stem and keep your fingers away from the hot wax! 

Once the leaf is saturated with wax, place it on wax paper to dry. You can put some newspaper under the wax paper to protect your counter tops. 

Let the leaves dry, then you can take them off the wax paper and do whatever you like with them! I chose to hang some in our kitchen windows with some white sewing thread. They are very neat to touch, so if you have a nature sensory table, I would think these would be a great addition. 


  1. I LOVE this, they are gorgeous! I love how you hung them in your windows, soooooo pretty and creative. (Tracie) red

  2. This is such a wonderful way to hold on to fall a bit longer. They are beautiful.


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