Week Eight :: The One That Flew By!

This week seemed to have passed so fast! Celeste and I concentrated on reading together and I have been keeping a log of books read. I don't include the books we read for Science or History, since I keep a log for those with her Science/History notebooks. 

Here is what we read this week:

- G is for Gold Medal: an Olympics Alphabet by Brad Herzog
- I think, I am! Teaching Kids the Power of Affirmations by Louise Hay. 
- The Biggest Bear by Lynd Ward
- Amelia Bedelia Bakes Off by Herman Parish
- The Tale of Jack Frost by David Melling
- You Wouldn't Want to Be Mary, Queen of Scots by Fiona MacDonald
- The King's Day by Aliki
- Mary Tudor, Courageous Queen or Bloody Mary? by Jane Buchanan (Wicked History series)
- Elizabeth I: The Outcast Who Became England's Queen by Simon Adams

Some of these books were History-related, but we read them as part of her project to learn more about British Royalty. She is interested in that topic. 

We watched the Diamond Queen, a BBC Documentary. It was long but very well done. Celeste was captivated for about seventy percent of the time (which I thought was very good, documentaries can be a bit dry at times!). We watched it over three days and paused often to talk about what was just said. 

She thought the Queen's playhouse was adorable and wished she had one just the same. We tried to find out more information about it but only found references to the documentary. Click here and you can watch a video clip from the documentary. 

The rest of the week was filled with our regular school lessons, grammar, writing, math, geography (Mexico), science and history. In history, we are learning about Louis XIV and France. We read about Versailles and "visited" it with Google Art Project.

I also remembered this great Paris site "Paris 26 Gigapixels" that my French best friend had recommended a while ago. Celeste loved both of these. 

We went for nature walks and picked up leaves in the forest. You can see our little waxing leaves project here

We also got ready for Nana's arrival. She arrived Thursday evening and will be spending one week with us. Celeste and I will be off for that time!