Week Ten :: Wrap Up

Our week back to school work went very smoothly. We had four full days and took Friday off because Dad was off. One of the benefits of homeschooling is being able to adjust your schedule to suit your life!

Celeste continued with her Math lessons and Language Arts. 

We also finished our water cycle unit in Science. We continued filling our weather chart every day and completed the remaining lab work. The lab was "water cycle in a bowl". I think it's a great idea but it hasn't been sunny or hot here and I'm not sure if it will work out. 

Mixing colours for this experiment prompted Celeste to play with the food colouring more. She asked for a few glasses and spent some time mixing and creating different colours. She loved this simple activity.

Celeste also filled in this notebook page that reviewed the water cycle: 

She needed a little help remembering what each term meant, but she can explain the water cycle. I think Science at this age is all about introduction so I am not expecting her to memorize definitions. If she can explain a process to me like the water cycle correctly, but without using the terms like precipitation or accumulation, I am fine with that. 

In History, I read aloud "The Man in the Iron Mask", an adapted version by Paul Mantell. This version was much shorter than the original novel by Alexandre Dumas. I am usually a firm believer in reading the original works and not the adapted versions of novels, but I can see the benefit at times for choosing an abridged or adapted version. I don't think Celeste would have  enjoyed the story as much. She talked about the book with me, compared it with the movie we saw a few weks ago. She did a great job at narrating and answering the questions from our history lesson. 

We also learned about the French Revolution in History. Celeste was interested in this too. I grew up in Europe and learned in school about these events again and again. It was interesting to read about them again and see how much I remembered. 

In Geography, we finished our North America unit by completing a chart with North American countries facts. Celeste searched for all the answers on Wikipedia and we both wrote the information down. She was amazed at the size of the countries and this prompted a comparison between the biggest countries and the smallest. She also compared the size of Prince Edward Island with these facts. 

The rest of the week was a mix of playing (lots of Playmobil, pretend restaurant, and dolls). She helped Dad put together a cabinet and organized the basement with him. 

We also started getting organized for Christmas gifts. Celeste wants to make a small blanket/quilt as a gift, so we looked through my stash. We will start working on it this coming week. 

She watched White Christmas, which she didn't like as much as she thought she would. She loves musicals, especially "old" ones, but she told me "this was a bit too slow"! Her favourite part and song was "Sisters". 

The city had its Santa parade last night. Adrienne and Andre were part of it with their army cadets troupe. They are in the band. Adrienne plays the flute, while Andre plays the trumpet. It was pouring rain during the parade but they all did great anyway. The parade was great. Decorations are everywhere now. Celeste and I loved looking at the beautiful trees in the Confederation Centre. I will go again and take better photos soon to show you all...until then here are cats, enjoying my Christmas quilt: 

Have a great week! 


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