Cardboard Play Market

Celeste and I made a market for Playmobil yesterday afternoon. We found the idea a few days ago here. A few years ago, I had made a zoo with Adrienne & Andre. It was a lot of fun to make and gave them hours of play. 

Carboard is great to work with. All you need is imagination and/or inspiration, scissors, glue, tape, recycled materials, and whatever toys your child wants to use. I also used a steak knife to make some cuts. You could also paint the carboard. Celeste didn't want to this time.

After looking closely at the photo that inspired us, we gathered cardboard pieces of different thickness. I found a large shoe box for the main structure. I cut the top side flaps off. A window and an arched doorway were added to the entrance area of the market. 

We used a garden seed catalogue for the flooring in the aisles (along with silver wrapping paper) and for the flags. We drew a clock and glued that down too. 

The market tables were made with thinner cardboard. I used the dividers found inside a wine bottles box. I cut them down to size and scored with the knife at the folds so they stay folded. Cereal boxes could work too. I made smaller boxes for Celeste to hold food and smaller items out of a cardboard cookie box. 

Celeste cut small rectangles of newspaper, folded and stapled them for a newspaper stand. We had a map book that wasn't needed so we cut up smaller rectangles from it. She folded the maps in two and wrote map on the front. 

Celeste set up the market with merchants, customers, and things to sell. Vehicles along with bicycles came to the market from far away, the bedroom!
I mostly did the cutting and folding, but she was the foreman! It was a great way to spend the afternoon and she loves her new market.