December to Remember :: Catching up!

I missed a few days of the Disney Sisters' December to Remember. Here are my photos, with their prompts written below each. 

December 26: Comfort & Joy ~ Adrienne with Clara. Our pets
always bring us comfort and joy, and we hope
we give them some too.
(photo taken this morning!)

December 25: Family ~ We celebrated an early Christmas
in November with my mother in law. It was a wonderful time!

December 24: White Christmas...We did have a little bit of snow left
on the ground on Christmas,
but not as much as on December 16th when I took this photo...

December 23: Bah Humbug...I think even the most grouchy person (like Donald)
 can get into the Christmas spirit!

December 22: Wreath ~ Adrienne and I made this simple wreath a few years ago.