December to Remember :: Shopping

Shopping...I am not a big fan of shopping but I do enjoy it at Disney World!
The Disney Sisters asked "Do you have a magical place you like to shop for gifts?" .  
I searched through my photo box this morning because I thought right away of the special shops in Downtown Disney. We love to look through these and bring a souvenir or a little gift for friends. The photo above was taken outside the huge World of Disney store in Downtown Disney.  It was May 2007 and Celeste was 3 years old. She already loved shoes. I remember how she kept on staring at Cinderella's shoes!

In Downtown Disney, there is a Christmas store that is open all year long! It's called Disney's Days of Christmas. We like to visit it every time we go to Disney World. Adrienne and Andre thought the pretend snow scene was really cool looking. This was taken in February 2003. Adrienne was 6 years old and Andre 4! 


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