We're off to see the Wizard ♪♫ Our Week

The highlight of this past week was going to see the Wizard of Oz at the Confederation Centre of the Arts! Adrienne took the day off school to come with us and our homeschool group. Andre was there with his school too! 

The musical was magical. If you live in Charlottetown, I encourage you to go and see it! We loved every part, especially the Wicked Witch and the Scarecrow. Toto was played most of the time by a real dog and he often stole our attention. He was adorable. The girls and I were early at the theatre and we met Toto on his way to "work"! A very friendly actor. 

The girls and I went out for a special lunch after. It was lovely! 

The rest of our week was quiet. Celeste and I completed a few days of school work.  

We learned about the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution in History. We checked out the links from the Usborne History Encyclopedia to see Stephenson's Rocket. Here is a video  link to a replica of the 1829 steam locomotive. 

This lead to a chat about trains, especially modern fast trains. She wanted to see the TGV (I went on once!) and the Bullet train. We spent some time on youtube watching images and videos of both trains. Check this one from the TGV!

In Science, we are learning about what is inside our planet. Celeste made a pizza that represented simply the layers of earth. This was a great lab! 

Celeste wanted to learn how to sew with the machine and quilt. We spent some time this week working on her project. 

We read many Christmas stories from the library. I'll share more soon!