Winter at the Beach :: PEI National Park, Brackley Beach

PEI National Park is one of our favourite places to be in summer. You can see my other posts on this national park hereI have been wanting to go visit it in winter. I have seen frozen lakes but never the frozen shores of an ocean. Growing up on the Mediterranean Sea, I had never experienced a real cold winter until I moved to Canada (almost 23 years ago)! 

Arriving at Brackley Beach
My husband and I took our Siberian Husky along for the ride. He loved walking along the icy beach and on the frozen water! 

It was windy and very cold but I loved seeing the beach in winter. My nose and eyes were running, my fingers were getting frozen even through the mittens, but I took over 140 photos!

I am going to share with you my favourite photos in 4 seperate posts. 

This one is the overview of Brackley Beach and the ocean, the next one will be on the patterns of sand and snow, then pebbles (my favourite!), and lastly Covehead Lighthouse and the beach next to it. I hope you enjoy these photography posts.

Cloudy and grey  

At the shore, mounds of ice accumulated. 

Frozen water

Orion, in his element


  1. Beautiful Alex! You are right at home!

  2. Crazy! When I saw your instagram picture yesterday, I didn't realize the water was frozen. That weather looks perfect for Orion. It amazes me how different our worlds are. I'm sitting here in shorts with the windows open.

  3. Beautiful! When my husband and I were dating, we would often head to Brackley for a winter walk. It is beautiful any season, but extra special in the winter I think.

  4. LOVE these pics! The ocean is stunning in every season, isn't it? xo

  5. Your pictures are amazing. I have never seen a frozen ocean before. Thank you for sharing your outing :)

  6. merci de nous faire partager tout cela, ma chère Alex.


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