52 Weeks of Mail :: Weeks Fifteen to Nineteen

The 52 Weeks of Mail project is continuing! I've really loved sending each letter and receiving some back. It has made our transition to the island a bit easier, keeping in touch with my friends and close family members. 

Some weeks, I almost forget to send a letter and quickly write one on the weekend. I haven't missed a week yet, but I do often forget to take a photo of my letters. 

I keep track of each letter sent at this post at the top of my blog.

Weeks fifteen to nineteen included letters sent to France, Canada, and the USA. 

Here is a list with some photos:

Week fifteen: Rachel in France
Week sixteen: Laura in New Brunswick, Canada
Week seventeen: Sarah, Burlington, ON, Canada
and to Tracie, La Mirada, CA, USA (forgot to take a photo).

Week eighteen: Laurie, Innisfil, ON, Canada (forgot to take a photo). 

I sent her two photo cards for her friend. My PEI photos will be travelling!
Week nineteen: Sarah, Gainesville, FL, USA

You can see all the posts for my 52 Weeks of Mail project here.  

You can visit the Facebook group here.


  1. woo hoo! i have a letter started for you on my desk. i hope to finish it soon!


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