Happy 14th Andre!

I put together this little collage this morning. It's so hard to pick only a few photos, but looking through the years and only at a few photo folders on my computer, I chose these six. 

Starting at the big top left photo, Andre is with his little sister Celeste, playing in a big pile of leaves last fall in our new backyard on Prince Edward Island. 

Top right black and white photo is years ago in Innisfil, Ontario in our backyard. He is sitting with his big sister Adrienne. I was playing with my camera with a roll of black and white film. I love the laugh on his face. 

Middle photo of the right column is in Belle River, Ontario. We were rolling down the hill at the park near our house. Andre had decided to let his hair grow and I loved it. He had to chop it all off for cadets, and will continue to keep it short as long as he is a cadet. He has already told me that as soon as he is too old for cadets, he is letting his hair grow again!

Bottom right photo is of Andre and I in Newmarket, Ontario. We were doing a little hike on a trail near our house. He loved running up on the path ahead of Adrienne and I. I held him long enough for Adrienne to quickly snap this photo. I remember this like it was yesterday. We loved spending time in nature already. 

Bottom middle photo is from Remembrance Day 2012. Nana came to visit us. Adrienne and Andre were part of the Charlottetown parade with the Army Cadets. 

Bottom left photo was taken in Barrie, Ontario at our house. Andre was having a green juice, that part was cut out in the collage. I love that he is always willing to give new things a try. 

Just a few photos, but so many memories, and many more to come. 

I love you Andre ♥.