Scrappy Trip Along...Quilt Top Complete!

My Scrappy Trip Along quilt is complete! I might add a border to the quilt top, I am not completely sure yet. I am finished making the blocks and I sewed them together yesterday. Winter storms are great for catching on projects like this one! 

My quilt top is 6 blocks by 7 blocks. I will measure the quilt when I am completely done. This pattern was a lot of fun to make and as I worked on it, I could think of different colour schemes and ideas. I am pretty sure I will make another one in the future! 

For the backing of the quilt, I picked up a couple of weeks ago a twin size bed sheet at the local thrift store. I often use 100% cotton bed sheets for the back of my quilts.

They are much less expensive than buying quilting fabrics (the green sheet was $2.99!). As long as they are in good shape, without stains, and 100% cotton, they are perfect for my quilts. The green polka dot sheet I picked up isn't quite wide enough, so I will have to find one more and patch them together. I also haven't decided what I will use for the binding. 

For more information on the pattern of this quilt, including links to the tutorial, you can visit my Scrappy Trip Along...In Progress! post.  


  1. I love the quilt ... and I love what you do for the backing!! Very resourceful!! :)

  2. this is so pretty and i can't to get to mine eventually!!


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