The Great Backyard Bird Count

The Great Backyard Bird Count starts tomorrow and ends on February 18. 

We have participated in the past, while living in Ontario. You can see our posts about this activity with our counted bird lists here and here

Being in a new province will make it interesting. I will report our sightings to the Great Backyard Bird Count and also here. I am hoping to take a few photos too. This weekend is the Winter Festival in Charlottetown and we will look for birds while we are out enjoying the festivities! 

To find out how to participate, please visit the Great Backyard Bird Count site. You can find a lot of helpful information and downloadable lists for your region. 

We use the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to help us identify birds, along with our field guides. Check out the "seven reasons to get excited for the great backyard bird count this weekend" post on their blog!  


  1. Maybe we can manage to do this one. Urgh... I've been bad with this bird counting thing, this year!


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