Blue Jays in our Backyard

The Blue Jay is the official provincial bird for Prince Edward Island. We see them often, which was a big surprise for us when we first moved here! We rarely saw these beautiful birds in South Western Ontario. 

Two Blue Jays have been visiting our backyard almost daily lately. I am not sure if they are the exact same too, but they always come in pairs, which prompted Celeste asking if they were a couple. We looked at our bird guides and online for the answer. It seems that both male and female share the same plumage. 

I noticed one Blue Jay in one of our trees in our backyard and ran for the camera. By the time I went back to the kitchen window, the bird had flown to a different spot then flew away. I did notice it on the stump in the side yard and saw the second one! I took the photos through the screen door so I wouldn't startle them, which makes them not as clear. Still I love seeing these birds so close! 

They both flew away carrying little pieces from the stump. Maybe they will build a nest nearby! 


  1. I love seeing blue jays. We see a lot of them in our neighbourhood, along with cardinals.

  2. MAGNIFIQUE !!! merci Alex, j'adore ces oiseaux (Sébastien également)


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