In the Making :: Springtime Sampler & Apron :: Number Three

For this week's Make & Listen Along, hosted by Dawn at Simple Things Notebook, I have two projects to share that I have been working on.

Celeste has been asking me to make her an apron for a long time now; since my oldest daughter made one for me two Christmases ago... 

She had fabric leftover so I am using it. The pattern Adrienne used was a mother-daughter pattern for aprons (this one).

I also have been working on my cross stitch springtime sampler from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I would like to get all the frames done before starting the images in each box. I worked on this and watched parts of series six of Doctor Who this past weekend. 

This cute project will go in Celeste's room. 

While I was working on Celeste's apron, we listened to one of her CDs. I made her two for Christmas 2011. She loves musicals and Studio Ghibli soundtracks, so I had filled CDs with her favourites. We listen to both all the time. Here is the first one, with the printed song list inside:

What have you been making and listening to? Check out Dawn's blog and her comments to see what others have been up to!


  1. Thanks for playing along Alex!
    I adore that fabric for the apron. So sweet!
    That song list is great. I really need to make up some CD's for F. She loves music and would think it awesome to have her own CD. Maybe for her next birthday. Great fun!
    Thanks for sharing!


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