Make & Listen Along :: Number Five

A few things to report this week. 

I finally finished Celeste's apron. She has been waiting a long time for this, more about that here. As I was working on it, I remembered why I had waited. I have no patience with clothes patterns. I can manage following tutorials but patterns like this one...maybe I should try to read the French side next time...

She was pleased with it and that is all that matters. 

The Springtime Sampler is coming along slowly, but I do enjoy working on it a  little bit at a time. 

I enjoy my time in the kitchen. I thought I would include some of what I have made lately in this post.  I started a new habit while preparing dinner. I put on my daughter's headphones and crank up the music. I have been enjoying a lot of Jack Johnson lately. In particular this one, and this one too, oh...especially that last one.

I am linking this post to Dawn's Simple Things Notebook blog. She is the creator of the Make & Listen Along and I love how she repurposed her daughter's dress. 

What have you made this week? 
What are you listening to lately?


  1. Stopping by from Dawn's. Love the apron, and your food looks delish!

  2. Oh... All that yummy goodness coming out of the kitchen!
    The apron is so cute. You already know I love the fabric!
    I feel your pain about the pattern. I have not sewn from one in some time and just cut something out yesterday. Eeeek! I don't know?
    Thanks for linking up and playing along!


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