Reptiles & Amphibians Nature Study ~ Books and Videos

The month of April is almost over! We have learned and enjoyed this month's topic for nature study very much. You can look at our visit to the pet store here and our search for salamander eggs and pond study here

We read several books that we found at our local library. I had mentioned some here and we found more!

Celeste's favourites were the "Take a Look at Snakes" by Betsy Maestro and "All about Frogs" by Jim Arnosky. 

She thought the Reticulated Python was very interesting. The page below explains how this snake coils herself around her big pile of eggs. She only leaves the pile when she needs a drink of water. I wouldn't want to come across this mother!

We watched several of the short videos found at National Geographic about snakes, especially the ones from the World's Deadliest show.

The other book we both enjoyed was by Jim Arnosky "All about Frogs". This book is filled with information about many types of frogs and toads. We found out the answer to one of Celeste's questions she had during our pet store visit about how to find out the sex of the frogs (bottom right photo). 

There were several "life-size" drawings which I have discovered is very appealing to Celeste. She likes to see the true size of animals we read about.

We listened to several frogs online. The Spring Peeper is found on Prince Edward Island so we listened to it here, and hope we can find it one day.  

We have almost finished all the items in the grid from Barb at Handbook of Nature Study. We'll be adding to our notebook and journals next! 

This post is linked to the Outdoor Hour Challenge Carnival. 


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