Reptiles & Amphibians Study at the Pet Store

Leopard Gecko
Celeste and I visited the pet store to meet several reptiles and amphibians. I had asked ahead of time if we could come and see some of these cute animals closer. We found out what each ate and how big some would grow. We were able to hold and touch some of them too. 

Here are a few photos from our visit. 

Pink corn snake

The snakes are really cute when they are this small, but they do grown to be close to six feet long. I think they are beautiful, but I prefer them in their natural habitat. The corn snake is named after the pattern on its belly and can be found in Central and Southern North America. 

Fancy King Snake

Eyelash Crested Gecko
The photo at the top of this post is a Leopard Gecko. We also met this cute Eyelash Crested Gecko. It has this name because of the little crests above its eyes. I thought this one was very cute. The Leopard Gecko has outer ears and eyelids that made them different from other geckos. They both grow to about ten inches long. 

Eyelash Crested Gecko

We saw a bearded dragon. One was quite big already, and they brought out some much younger ones that were not on display yet. The little ones were much softer to touch than the bigger one. Celeste really liked holding these little ones. 

These little bearded dragons were very calm. We were told they like the warmth from our hands. The one Celeste was holding kept turning his head as if he was looking at her! I can understand why people might want these as pets, they seem to have their own personalities. 

Now for the amphibians. 

In this collage, the top photo and the bottom left are green tree frogs. The bright green frog at the bottom right is a Pacman frog, which is named after the video game because of its large mouth and abdomen! They are also called South American horned frogs. 

The Firebelly Toad was interesting to see from below: 

We finished our visit by completing the mini book that Barb put together, a perfect ending! 

Celeste and I have really enjoyed this topic for nature study. We found several books at the library that we will wrap up our study with. I will share our favourites soon!

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  1. Wow, they sure had a great variety for you to see and get to touch/hold. Sounds like a great trip.

  2. Perfect R and A field trip! I loved see your gorgeous images of so many interesting subjects. We had pet Fiery Bellied Toads for a few years and realized they were not very interesting as pets. They "barked" at night.

    Thank you so much for sharing your entry with the OHC Carnival.

  3. What a great nature study idea to head to the pet store. Thanks for sharing it.


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