Snapshots from Charlottetown

While I walked downtown and took many photos of beautiful doors, I also noticed other things through my camera lens. Here are a few of my favourite snapshots from Charlottetown.

At the Yacht Club, only a few boats were there. I wanted to walk up to the water. On my way, I noticed the writing on this little white boat. This is especially for my dear friend Rachel. {Un clien d'oeuil juste pout toi}. 
The ice is almost all gone from the harbour.

On University Avenue, the art on these windows always catch my eye. They are near my favourite tea shop.

Closer to Victoria Park, the side of Beaconsfield Historic House is just as beautiful as the front. I'm planning on visiting the inside this spring.

Walking along the streets, I love the little details that can be seen all through the town, especially the nautical themed ones:

Charlottetown has a lot of character. Every time I head out with my camera, I notice something new to me. As the weather improves, I will be travelling around the island. I will try to share my discoveries with you on this blog as much as possible! 


  1. Awesome pictures! Reminds me ... when we were in Georgia, we saw a poster at numerous locations that featured the doors of Rome, GA. It was very cool and inspired us to take pictures of several doors in Rome ourselves. :)


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