Springtime Sampler & Downton Abbey :: Make & Listen Along :: Number Four

This past weekend was lovely in a quiet kind of way. Celeste had friends over and I took the opportunity of her being happily busy to catch up on my Springtime Sampler cross stitch. 

I mostly watched Downton Abbey while working on it. I finally had my turn at the library and thoroughly enjoyed each episode. I need to put the second season on hold soon. 

I am linking this quick update for Dawn's Make & Listen Along weekly post. I love love love the song she linked on her post. What did you work on this week, what did you listen to that you enjoyed?


  1. That sampler is so sweet!
    I started season one but did not get to finish it before we moved. Maybe someday!
    Thanks for joining in the sharing!
    Oh.. And when I get the chance I will pop over and leave a little history about that song in the comments. Love!

  2. What a cute sampler. I haven't done cross stitch in decades!


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