Catching my eye...

Spring is a beautiful season. It was late arriving on the island but now that it is here, it was well worth the wait. We are still having some colder days, but a few warmer ones in the mix really help.

We are working on a little garden patch to grow vegetables. I am adding little flowers to pots on our front porch. I am noticing tiny flowers, some wild pansies, growing in the middle of grass patches here and there in our yard. I am not sure what the other purple ones are..

With the nicer few days we have been having, my son and I have been enjoying some after-school walks on the trail near our home. 

My  husband is having a losing battle with dandelions in part of our front yard while I am busy taking photos of them. 

What has been catching your eye lately? 


  1. What beautiful photos! Spring was late arriving in England too, in fact I'm not entirely sure it has actually arrived yet! Maybe we'll skip spring and head straight to summer?


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