Make & Listen :: Number Eight

Spring is here! It is so nice to see all the little changes every day in our own backyard. The photo below is from our maple tree. 

Isn't it so beautiful?

This past weekend, I started working on our placemats. I am starting to think I should call my posts "make & watch" because I often have a documentary or tv series on while I sew or quilt or stitch! I do more listening than watching though, so I guess it still does fit...

 I watched a few more episodes of "Call the Midwife" while I was working on the placemats. What a great show. 

I decided on a simple design for the placemats. I will alternate the colour of the border to make each a bit more unique, as well as having a random placement of the squares. I am thinking of making the backing the same for all placemats. 

I only added a little bit to my springtime sampler cross-stitch this past week, but I will be working a little faster now, as I want to finish it for Celeste's birthday on the 17th. 

I am linking to the Simple Things Notebook for the Make & Listen Along. You should go see her special Mom bookmarks, they are so pretty! 


  1. Those placemats are so great! Love the different borders and the colors.
    Listening to movies definitely qualifies. :-)
    Thanks for playing along.... And the nice complement on my new bookmarks!

  2. I love your placemats! They are gorgeous.


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