Yellow-Spotted Salamanders, One Frog and Many Eggs at Dead Man's Pond

We visited Dead Man's Pond at Victoria Park yesterday to look for salamander or frog eggs. We have had several warmer days since we went last. We thought the ice would have melted by now and we might see some eggs. 

As we started walking along the pond, we noticed many eggs along the edges, close to the surface and also below it. We were amazed at how many there were! Celeste used a stick to gently move some of the branches that the eggs were attached on so we could see them better. 

There were two different types of eggs. Some were white and in clumps together. We think these are the salamander eggs. We also saw many eggs with black inside of them, these we believe are frogs. We have looked at guides and online to help us identify which is which. The small guide I have about Victoria Park shows the white eggs masses as salamander eggs. 

In early spring, this pond usually has frog and salamander eggs, later in the season it will also have dragonfly larvae, along with the frog tadpoles and salamander larvae. I know we will keep coming regularly to see all these grow! 

As we walked around the pond, we almost squealed when we noticed one yellow-spotted salamander in the water! It was resting on sticks and let us look at it and take many pictures of it.  Salamanders usually like to hide under leaves in the forest, but go to ponds to breed. 

How many photos of salamanders are too much?! I noticed one frog too, in the water. By the time Celeste came to see it, it had swam away, but I had one photo!

A family with young boys came along the pond while we were there, along with a retired gentleman. The family's father told us about the frogs he saw the week before all along the edges of the pond. He also knew of a spot with many baby salamanders and showed it to us. 

The gentleman told me about a pond to see more water lilies and also where to see the provincial flower, the Lady's Slipper (on some of the trails at the National Park). 

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  1. Wow! How neat! I've never seen eggs like that. Makes me think we need to take a closer look at the pond near our home. Though we can't get close to the edge of it in the areas where I think the eggs would be. Great pictures.

    1. Thanks so much for linking up at the Real Family Fun link party! Hope to see you next week.

  2. Yay! Those pictures are great! What a neat find... All those babies.
    Love talking to the locals who know all the great spots! So cool! My gal loved this post too! She misses our trips to the pond up the trail from our NS home!

  3. How cool! My son is after me to "find tadpoles" so we need to do some more pond exploring - if the weather in the midwestern US every co-operates. I came over from Real Family Fun.
    Dana @

  4. Awesome!!! Awesome!! What a cool discovery! :)

  5. That is totally awesome! I have never seen baby salamanders - what great pictures. Thanks so much for sharing!


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