Make & Listen Along :: Number Twelve

I have been working on getting my fabrics ready for the Wild Olive Summer Stitching Club. I had decided right away to use the left overs from my placemats project. I had to figure out how much of the fabrics I would still need for the placemats, then cut the squares for the hexagons and the embroidery. 

I had picked up some unbleached cotton but I am not sure I will use it. The main fabric of the hexagon will be the blue and white flower one, and so I might end up using a white fabric I already have for the embroidery blocks instead. I think it will look nicer with the blue. 

I am hoping to start on the hexagons this weekend along with the first embroidery block. Isn't it cute?!

I finished the June block in my Woodland Sampler cross-stitch in just a few days. It was really cute and I wanted to just keep going. 

I am linking to Simple Things Notebook for this week's Make & Listen Along. The "Listen" part this week at my house was a lot of Shark Week! Celeste is fascinated by sharks and can't get enough. 


  1. That is going to be so cute Alex! Loved those fabrics for the placemats. Great for this project too!
    Shark week! We might be able to watch something like that now that we don't live across the street from the beach. :-)
    Thanks for joining in. Always love to see what you are making!


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