Argyle Shores Provincial Park :: Exploring PEI

On our way back home from Victoria by the Sea, we stopped briefly at Argyle Shores. Argyle Shores is a provincial park on the South shore of the island. This is one of my favourite red sand beaches so far. You can see last year's blog post here. I saw my first starfish there! 

Unfortunately at the time we stopped at the park, it was high tide and the beach was almost completely underwater. 

This stop was an unplanned one. I have learned since moving here to check not only for the weather forecast (which often turns out to be not so helpful as the weather changes so quickly on the island!), but for the tide information as well. Some beaches are almost not there when the tide is high.  

It was worth a quick spot anyway, as my in laws marvelled at the red rocks and the red water at the edge of the tiny beach. 

If you are wondering, the red dirt on Prince Edward Island is caused by high levels of iron-oxide content. "Most of the bedrock in Prince Edward Island is composed of red sandstone, part of the Permian aged Pictou Group" (quote from Wikipedia). 


  1. You are reminding me that summer is the time to explore! I've been here for over 10 years now, and I've gotten lazy, always going to the same beaches and attractions. I have the car tomorrow...maybe I'll try somewhere new.


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