Beaconsfield Historic House :: Exploring PEI

Beaconsfield Historic House was built in 1877 and is located in Charlottetown. It overlooks the harbour and is close to Victoria Park. We have walked by this beautiful house many times, but hadn't gone inside. I thought that visiting this house would please my mother-in-law. One morning during their stay with us, the girls of the family visited this Victorian mansion. 

As we walked in, we were greeted and offered a personal tour. Our guide shared a lot of information and pointed out many details. The house includes a mixture of original pieces and some that were added by the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation. The architectural details like the crown moulding and the high ceilings were meant to awe and they do still! 

Celeste quickly noticed all the clocks in each room and asked me to take many photos of them. I included a few in the mosaic above. 

This was a great tour and we all enjoyed it. You can find out more information about Beaconsfield here