Brackley Beach :: Exploring PEI

Brackley Beach is part of the PEI National Park. We brought Nana and Papa here during their stay with us. They both loved it! 

Papa went for a long walk and stopped only at the closed off area meant to protect the Piping Plover. Nana built a sand sculpture (a snake) for the first time and got some tips from Adrienne. 

The PEI National Park doesn't have red sand, but it does have the softest white sand! The water is beautiful here too, and it wasn't too cold that day. 

Nana's snake turned out really nice! This was a perfect beach day, until it was time to leave. That is always the toughest part, but luckily we live here and can visit as often as we like. I am very grateful for that! 

This post is the fourth in a series about our adventures with my inlaws during their visit on the island at the end of June. You can see the other posts here:

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  1. I was at Brackley Beach mid-July and we loved it very much indeed even if the day was not perfect, warm but cloudy with showers late in the afternoon. The water was cool but nice. It was just before the sand sculptures contest and there were several sculptures to be seen already. Nana did good on her sculpture!


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