Food & Fun with Nana & Papa :: Exploring PEI

My last post in the series of the adventures of my inlaws visiting us on the island is all about the food and fun we had together. The photos were all quick snapshots taken with my iPod Touch. 

We had many fun moments shared, playing board games, watching Big Bang Theory and Planet Earth documentary episodes. We went to see Monsters University together at the local movie theatre (we loved it!). We visited the Art Gallery at the Confederation Centre of the Arts

We enjoyed several meals at home and went out a few times too. Cows was a must stop for ice cream. We enjoyed a cone at the downtown location. We also had some Cold Stone Creamery and had a special surprise there. My oldest will be turning sixteen soon, but will be away at camp. The staff at Cold Stone came out and sang to her happy birthday and gave her an ice cream cupcake! 

We went to New Glasgow Lobster Suppers. Papa wanted to taste fresh PEI lobster. The lobster didn't disappoint, and he and my husband devoured two and half buckets of hot local mussels! The "all you can eat" was definitely worth it for them. The "Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie" was so big I couldn't finish it all. 

My favourite restaurant was Splendid Essence in Charlottetown. My oldest and I chose this vegetarian restaurant to have an early birthday celebration with Nana, Papa, and all our family. Even though we were the only two vegetarians, everyone truly enjoyed their meal. The staff was very helpful and pleasant, and the food was delicious. Even the beverages were perfect. I loved their Jasmine tea. Celeste and I had our own tea pots, she practically squealed when she saw them! I know we will visit this place again, the food was splendid for us, a they have the cutest leftovers containers...

When we visited Victoria by the Sea, we had lunch at the Beachcombers on the Wharf. I think this is a new restaurant. The food was fresh, homemade, and delicious! We sat on the patio, right by the water, a lovely peaceful spot. 

On the way back home from Victoria by the Sea, we stopped at The Seafood Market. My father-in-law wanted to bring home some fresh lobster. He bought one and some oysters too. He cooked the lobster as soon as we got back. He was planning on just tasting it and saving the rest for dinner, but ended up eating the whole thing. He told me it was the best lobster he had ever had, so fresh and tasty! 

One more stop I wanted to share with you is The Dunes Studio Gallery & Cafe. We didn't eat there, but we stopped on our way back from Brackley Beach to visit the Studio Gallery part. There are many talented artisans on the island and the Dunes showcases many of these artists. The gardens behind the Dunes are worth a visit too. Celeste loved the little ponds and all the outdoor sculptures and furniture on display. 

This wraps up my series of posts of our adventures with my inlaws on the island. We love PEI and it was fun to share our new home with them. 

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  1. PEI is a place I've always wanted to visit but as I'm far away in the UK it's unlikely to happen. My favourite books by Lucy Maud Montgomery are set there. I still love reading all the 'Anne' and 'Emily' books even though I am getting on in years. I have a question for you, in one of the 'Anne' books, I think it's Anne of the Island, Anne is going to have a visitor and says "We'll have lemon pies and ladies fingers". I want to recreate these dishes and would like to know if Anne's lemon pie is likely to have been a lemon meringue pie, or something different? I did find a recipe for a French Canadian lemon pie which has no meringue. Hope you can help and don't mind me asking. Thanks.


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