Greenwich {part two} :: Exploring PEI

On our way back from the Dunes at Greenwich, I lagged behind as I stopped to take many photos of the wild flowers growing along the path. 

I really appreciate the signs that are along the hiking trails. I hadn't taken our wildflower guide with us but was able to identify what I saw and didn't recognize with the help of the signs. 

The wild roses were growing abundantly along the trail that went along the old farmsteads. 

The False Holly was very noticeable. 

There were many Queen Anne's Lace plants, a few thistles, and others too. 

There are benefits in walking behind...I love seeing the relationship between my husband and Celeste. 

Our last stop was Greenwich Beach. Celeste and I went up the observation tower. It was quite high and gave us a beautiful view.

This beach is gorgeous. I know..I say the same thing about every beach on PEI...but really it is! It is a supervised beach and has very soft white sand. We stayed for a while and relaxed. 

Celeste played in the sand and drew a heart with our initials. So sweet. 

Our day trip to Greenwich was perfect. I want to come back and do the other trail completely and enjoy the beach longer. I now can say this should be a must stop if you visit PEI, if you enjoy beaches and nature. 

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