Make & Listen :: Number Fourteen :: Doodle a Day, Woodland Sampler, Project Life

It's Thursday again?! 

This past week was filled with preparations for camp for my two teens. Not a whole lot of time to spend "making" but I did join a new  Instagram daily prompt. This one is hosted by the lovely Annelies from Studio Ann (ann_81 on Instagram) and it is called Doodle A Day #sadoodleaday . I don't feel that I am a good artist when it comes to drawing, but I do enjoy the process. Doodling, drawing, colouring, all those relax me. It's a simple activity that only takes a small amount of time, but well worth it. With this daily prompts, I am taking that tiny amount of time and loving it.

I found a few pockets of time to finish the July part of the Woodland Sampler from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. This whole sampler is going to be so cute! 

I also completed two more pages in my Project Life album. I am really enjoying looking back on last summer's adventures. 

Now that my teens are away, Celeste has claimed the TV. I have been listening to several Disney movies (Mulan, Cars, High School Musical...) while working on my projects. Luckily, we have also had several beach days and lots of fun in our garden too..

I am linking this post to the weekly Make & Listen by Simple Things Notebook


  1. Oh... Sweet doodles! I love. Love. The tree! That would be a beyond cool embroidery too!
    And I really like March (my birth month) on the cross stitch.
    Mulan is one of the few Disney movies that makes the cut around here. My girl loves it!
    Thanks for playing along again this week!

  2. Hello Alexandra,

    Wow! This is great seeing you blog about Doodle a Day! It's so much fun seeing everybody having fun with it! I think we have a very cool group now, maybe next month more will join us :)
    I'm doing Project Life too, by the way. Love seeing yours!


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