My Summer To Do List

Two weeks ago, I wrote a list for myself. I love lists. I like to be organized and also to cross things off my list, so I made a list for what I wanted to get done this summer. But it's summer time, so most of the items on my list are fun! 

I wrote it all out using some colourful sharpies and then, I posted it on instagram. Because that is what I do, often...and Barb noticed that and included it in her post. You should go see it. I love it. 

I thought it would be fun to share my list with you too. 

It is divided the list into three sections: 


* Summer sampler cross stitch
* Wild Olive summer stitching
* Project Life
* Finish placemats
* Finish Celeste's doll bed + bedding (already finished with the bed part!)
* Read


* Visit new-to-us beaches on PEI (Panmure Island so far!) 
* Bike on the Confederation Trail 


* Organize sewing/quilting cupboard
* Organize homeschool cupboard
* Get homeschool stuff ready for C & A 
* Garage sale?

It's a very short simple list, but it gives me focus. 

Do you like writing lists? Did you make a summer to-do list for yourself?


  1. I love lists!
    I haven't made one for the summer this year, which means I have a lot of half-formed intentions that aren't getting done. There's still a couple of months of summer, though, so maybe I'll write one today. :)


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