Panmure Head Lighthouse :: Exploring PEI

After the beach at the Panmure Island Provincial Park, we went to visit the Panmure Head Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built in 1853 and was the first wooden lighthouse on the island. 

Celeste and Adrienne had gone up their first lighthouse last summer, at the Souris East Lighthouse, but I hadn't. This time I made sure I did. The Panmure Head Lighthouse is a 5 story wooden octagonal lighthouse and is 58 feet tall. The climb up the steep ladders was exciting!  

We went to the very top and walked around the big light to admire the view. It was very hot up there so we didn't stay long. I never get tired of looking at the ocean and it was so calm that day!

The beach you can see in the last photo is the Panmure Island beach. 

We looked at the small displays on each level on our way back down. 

Celeste went up a second time with her dad while I stayed outside with Orion. We found the shaded spot much better. 

We also enjoyed looking at the horses nearby.

As we were driving away from the lighthouse, I noticed this beautiful view on the other side of the road and I had to take one more photo of the lighthouse.


  1. So lovely! I will make sure to stay away from the trees if I visit the beach there - lol I guess it can get quite "buggy" on PEI, no doubt because of all the agriculture. I love lighthouses and can't wait to get in a proper tour of all the main ones on PEI one day soon I hope...Enjoyed your photos from the inside of the lighthouse looking out, very much and loved the horse photo too. I think you know you are living the dream...:-)


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