Victoria by the Sea :: Exploring PEI

My in-laws visited us for eight days. It wasn't their first time on Prince Edward Island, but we wanted to share our favourite spots so far and discover some new ones together.

The weather didn't cooperate a lot during their visit, but we did manage to venture out a few times. I will share with you our adventures together and the beauty of our island in a few posts. 

One of the places I thought my in-laws would enjoy was Victoria by the Sea. I had read that it was a little village filled with artisans and restaurants. The drive took only a little over half an hour from Charlottetown and was very picturesque. The lupines were in bloom all along the side of the road. The rolling hills and glimpses of the ocean added to the beauty of the scenery.  

We arrived at Victoria and walked along the main street. We visited several shops and then had lunch on a patio overlooking the water. My favourite photos are from the waterfront area, with the fishermen huts and their crab cages. I also took several of the lupines growing along the side of one house. You can see those here. 

Prince Edward Island is so beautiful! My father in law was amazed when I shared with him that I usually average 75 to 100 photos when we go exploring ! 

More of our adventures coming soon...


  1. Absolutely stunning and amazing pictures! Looks like some fun exploring.

  2. Love the photos and looking forward to visiting there maybe this summer (before it ends). P Collette


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