Night Sky & Last Days of Summer :: August Nature Study

This month's focus for nature study is the night sky. Barb at Handbook of Nature Study also encourages us to complete the Last Days of Summer grid study in the Challenge Grid. 

We started by studying the moon and sketching the first moon. We looked up the date for the next full moon (August 21) and made plans to observe it. I also looked up the information for the next viewing at the UPEI telescope. I really hope the skies will be clear! It seems that every month, I either forget about it or the event is cancelled because of cloudy skies...

The Outdoor Challenge mentions a Big Dipper Year-Long Study and I am really looking forward to finding out more about that. 

Celeste and I looked over the Last Days of Summer Grid and checked off what we already accomplished this summer. Then I coloured the squares, yes..I coloured. It's very relaxing and Celeste didn't want to. We have about half left to complete, with lots of fun activities: listen to crickets, watch moths (we did see one but would love to see more!), look at the full moon, wash your bike, and more.

I collected our various books on the night sky and set them on the coffee table. 

To learn more about this nature study and the Outdoor Hour Challenge, visit The Handbook of Nature Study blog and subscribe to the newsletter. 


  1. Great Collection of books!
    F did a project on the night sky and put her own book together. It was fun. Thanks for the links. Off to check them out!

  2. Love all those books too...always helpful to have some basic idea of what to look for when you are going out at night. This is a great entry and it reminded me that we need to take out our Last Days page and post it on the refrigerator as a reminder. Thanks for contributing to the carnival.


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