Asters and Goldenrod :: September Nature Study

This month, we are following the September Challenge Grid and the Fall Fun Grid from the Handbook of Nature Study newsletter. 

It has been a slow start, but I thought I would share our nature study anyway. 

I have been noticing asters and goldenrod along some of the paths and trails we have walked along, and pointed them out to Celeste.

We picked a few asters to take home and look at closer. I really enjoyed reading Barb's post about all the flowers from the aster family!  

Barb also mentioned the entry from the Handbook of Nature Study book about goldenrod, and I remember it from reading it aloud to my two oldest several years ago. I will be reading the same part to Celeste very soon and I am sure she will look at the goldenrod a little differently too! 

The photos of the goldenrod were taken with my ipod and are not very clear. We will go out again soon and take some better photos and look at these beautiful yellow flowers closely. 

Some of our nature study plans this month are also to notice the changes happening in nature. The leaves are starting to turn, just a little, and fall too. I will share more of our nature study times with you before the month is done. 

I am linking this post to the Outdoor Hour Challenge Carnival hosted by Barb at Handbook of Nature Study. 


  1. Always loved when the asters came in NS. We noticed them in the mts. on our hike in Colorado last weekend.


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