Atlantic Veterinary College Open House at UPEI

The yearly Atlantic Veterinary College 25th Open House happened yesterday. We were told by friends to arrive on time as this is a busy event. Celeste and I walked to the university, with a quick stop at the Farmers Market for a fresh fruit smoothie. We arrived before the doors opened. 

There was so much to see and do during this open house! It reminded me of the Science Rendezvous at the University of Windsor in Ontario (if you like science, check out my posts of our visits to Science Rendezvous here). 

Celeste loves science and animals, so this was a perfect event for her. She has already asked if we can go again next year! 

In order to share more photos without making this post extra long, I made several mosaics. You can click on each mosaic to make it bigger and see it more clearly. 

Radiology and Large Animal Surgery and Scan


One horse had paint on to show the skeleton on one side and the internal organs on the other. It was very interesting and the students explained a lot.
They had several horses, including three outside. 

Outside, near the horses, were several beagles. These are teaching beagles for the school and they were very friendly. One in particular really liked Celeste! 

 Farm animals, including pygmy goats!

In the anatomy department, we saw many bones and skulls. Celeste quickly walked through then went back and looked at everything again. She loves the show "Bones" and we talked with several students, especially about doing autopsies on dead animals the college sometimes receives and how the autopsies help them figure out what killed those animals. We also looked at several conjoined animal fetuses. Very interesting room. 

The exotics and reptiles room was busy, still we were able to see every animal and chat with the students. Celeste fed one of the birds and held a ferret. We also met our friends in this room. She told me that by the time they walked in to the open house, over 400 people had gone through the main entrance! 

The fish and turtles room included painted turtles, which were camera shy. Still, we enjoyed seeing them, as we used to see them in Ontario during our nature walks. The fish in the tank, in the bottom part of the mosaic above, are rainbow trout. We took a close look at the anatomy display of the rainbow trout and the dolphin fetus and heart. 

We made our way back upstairs to the main floor and the busiest rooms. The face painting & balloon animals were there. Celeste picked up a snake balloon animal. She wanted to dress like a surgeon. She then asked me to do it too. That was fun! 

The last area inside was the department of physics. Celeste loved this area as it had many hands-on activities. 

We walk to the farmers market to pick up some food and had a little picnic lunch while we waited for the agility show to start. 

Red Rock Agility did a great show with their dogs. They also did a fun relay with the kids. Celeste loved doing the agility with Lady, one of the dogs from the group. The dogs seemed to love sitting with her when the show was over too! 

It was a perfect fun-filled day. We both are looking forward to next year!