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The last two weeks have been busy with my oldest starting grade 11 at the local senior high school, my other two children and I starting a more structure routine with our homeschooling, and my husband off from work for a week. 

I started a quilting project, it will be a smaller scrappy trip along quilt for a baby quilt. I need to work a little quickly on this one since the baby is now here! 

I am trying to catch up on my summer sampler too. I made some progress last week. 

I also have been busy in the kitchen. I have never had any success with baking bread, but I have always wanted to master it. I tried again with Chef Michael Smith's recipe for City Bread. It worked and I was so happy with my success that it encouraged me to try again. Today I made a simple white bread and buns. It turned out delicious, thanks to my friend Carol for helping me along! 

The vanilla extract is coming along nicely. It is now starting to smell like vanilla instead of vodka, but it does need to sit for several more weeks. 

My oldest, Adrienne, loves Donair sauce. She uses it in wraps with vegetarian bacon, lettuce, and cheese. I decided to try making our own because the store bought ones often have a long list of ingredients. I prefer to keep things simple and know what is going in our bodies. So, I searched for a recipe and after finding a couple, asked Adrienne which one we should try. 

The one we tried is yummy and super easy to make. Her only request is to reduce the amount of garlic powder for next time. I thought it was fine, but will adjust the next batch for her. 

Here is the recipe, from Mmm, Tasty:

2/3 cup canned sweetened condensed milk
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 tsp garlic powder
Combine all ingredients and stir well until fully combined.  Makes a thick, sweet, garlicky sauce.
I also made a lemon balm tea. So tasty! One of my friend's has a lot of this growing at the edge of her garden patch. The leaves smells so lovely when you rub them between your fingers! 

I made some delicious mini broccoli and cheese quiches. I froze half of them to have for later, for easy lunches. I will lower the amount of broccoli next time, and also make a batch for the meat-eaters in our house with ham and cheese. Celeste helped me filled the little tart shells. One day, I will try making my own shells too, but for now I am happy with the pre-made ones! 

I have enjoyed all the making in the kitchen, and a little bit of the quilting. Hopefully next week I will be farther along with the baby quilt! 

I watched/listened to the Charmed tv series on Netflix while working on the quilt. I had never watched it while it was current. It's not bad to watch while I am busy working on something. 

I am linking to the Simple Things Notebook's Make & Listen Along.


  1. Wow Alex. There's been a lot of wonderful making at your house.
    The tent and trailer in the sampler are too cute for words.
    Can't wait to see the quilt. I just adore mini scrap quilts. The colors in that one looks sweet.
    Kitchen making is always satisfying, then to have things in the freezer for later... Bonus! I really need to do that so we can have quick lunches. All of the daily making takes up so much of our day.
    Thanks so much for sharing again this week!


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