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Week two's prompt of the Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge, hosted by the Canadian Homeschooler, is MATH. 

I have to make a confession...I really do not like math. I never have and I doubt that feeling will change BUT my children love math and I am so happy about that. Over the years, we have used several different math curriculum: Saxon Math, Singapore, Miquon, and for the last four or five years, Teaching Textbooks. 

This year, Andre started with Pre-Algebra and Celeste is doing Math 4. They both really enjoy this curriculum and it has worked very well. They don't always watch the lessons on the computer, instead they prefer to read them in the textbook. They sometimes check their own work, with me standing near; but mostly I check it. Math is always the first subject worked on every day, it just works better for my children. 

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  1. I've heard so many positive things about Teaching Textbooks. I'm glad they are working for your kids! I'm happy that we are still in the early years of school - so math isn't too complex yet and i can stick with the easy books lol. I have forgotten so much. Relearning is awesome!

    Thanks for joining in! :)


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