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Nature is the prompt this week for the Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge. Instead of taking a photo this week, I thought I would share a few favourite nature ones from the past and write about our experiences. 

Andre and I ~ Fairy Lake Trail in Newmarket, Ontario

I have loved nature as long as I can remember. Spending time surrounded by nature has helped me "recharge my batteries" for a long time! Even when my two teens were little, we connected with nature by going for short walks on trails. 

Andre observing a black swallowtail butterfly in Belle River, Ontario

It was just natural to include nature study in our homeschool. At times, my kids didn't want to go on another hike or go look for some specific thing in nature. They would whine and complain, but we went anyway. It always turned out the same, as soon as they were outside, they were just fine. 

Adrienne and a Eastern Fox snake at a library presentation about Ontario native species
I like to encourage everyone to take the time to discover nature. It doesn't have to be a long time or even far from your home. Most towns have a little nature area near them, a green path or "wild" field nearby. 

Celeste looking at lichen, Charlottetown, PEI.

Over the years, we have collected several nature books and guides. All have been helpful with learning more about what we see. 

A huge help with our nature study has been the Handbook of Nature Study blog created by Barb. Her newsletters and blog posts have been inspiring us for years! 

If you are interested, you can visit all the nature study related posts from this blog: nature study and on my old blog "Canadian Home Learning" here

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  1. I have loved seeing all the outdoor/nature adventures on your blogs over the last few years. Thanks for joining in this week.

    What a great collection of books. I have a few, but then never remember to take them out with us... oops. hehe.


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