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Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge | The Canadian Homeschooler  

The Canadian Homeschooler is hosting a weekly photo challenge, starting this week! 

I am hoping to participate every week, but life can get busy at times and I don't always have time for my best intentions..even if some of my friends think I do everything. Anyway, that should be a separate post on its own! 

The prompt this week is "school space". 

We homeschool mainly in the kitchen and family room. I thought also how we truly "homeschool" (learn) outside the house, places like the library, the nature trails, parks, the stores, etc... We are learning everywhere, all the time.

Here is our school space in a few photos. I took these tonight, while my girls were watching the "Take the Lead" movie (one of our favourite dance movies), so I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. 

Celeste likes to colour while watching movies. We have enjoyed the Dover colouring books for years now, she is colouring in the Victorian Fashions one tonight. 

We have one couch and one armchair. Celeste and I use the couch for her lessons most of the time. She is starting to use her desk more often. In the background of this photo is my desk. My computer is also used for our homeschooling, along with our iPad. 

In the photo below, you can see Celeste's desk, which now also has an extra computer our dear friends passed on to us! Andre and Celeste are now sharing this desk. She uses it to do her math and grammar, he will be using it when he is on the computer. 

The basket on the floor is our library basket. I've used the same basket since Adrienne got her first library card (probably 11 years ago!). 

We have three bookcases in this room. One bookcase (see below) is used to hold our current homeschool curriculum, reference books, literature, etc..that we are using right now. The rest of the bookcases are sorted by subjects (science, art, history...). 

Andre has been doing his homeschool work at the kitchen table, the chair on the left to be precise. 

In our eight years of homeschooling, we have never had a dedicated homeschool room. I am not sure I would want one, we are so used to this and enjoy it. The only reason I would like a specific room would be for storage! 

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  1. Thanks for joining in. I love it. It's amazing how creative we can be. :)

    I don't have a special room either, and I fluctuate between loving not and being jealous I don't lol. I think I'm like you - I'd like to be able to store everything in one place. :)

  2. Nice to see your space Alex. We HS all over the house too. We have a studio space now but I still find everyone just goes there for supplies then spreads out elsewhere. Sewing is the only activity that stays there :-)
    I think we need a bigger library basket like yours.

  3. You have a beautiful learning space! I especially like the warm color walls - so inviting!


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