Confederation Trail :: West of Winsloe

Celeste and I took advantage of a beautiful sunny afternoon to go for a little bike ride on the Confederation Trail. We drove to Winsloe, which is north west of Charlottetown, a short drive from our house. 

We have only been on the trail in Charlottetown. This was the first time we ventured on the trail outside of town. Celeste and I loved it. We both decided we want to see more of it. We talked about trying to complete the whole trail, over the next several years. 

We didn't go very far but it was very nice anyway. I mapped it and looks to be about 4 km there and back. We passed the Firefighters Association and Training Centre, and went as far as a bridge that went over a small river.

We passed several rest spots and benches. One of the rest spots had information boards. We read all of them. There was one on the trains that used to run on the island, the trail and how it changes from rural to urban trail, and one on the twists and turns in a particular part of the trail. 

One more shot of the colours of autumn..look at those yellow leaves!!


  1. What stunning colours! My mom lives right on the trail in Breadalbane. If you go there, please take a picture! Her house is cedar shingles 2858 Inkerman Rd.
    happy trails!


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