Eyeball Dissection & Microscope Lab :: Homeschool Let's Talk Science Event

Yesterday, we went to the University of Prince Edward Island to attend a homeschool event my friend Carol organized with Let's Talk Science

The event was amazing! The kids dissected a sheep's eyeball and learned a lot about the different parts of the eye and their functions. They completely took apart the eyeball! 

All through the dissection, the student volunteers helped the kids. They were very patient and informative. 

After the dissection, one of the students explained the lab. She mentioned that this was a lab on cells and the first year university students completed this exact one the week before. Microscopes were brought out and they collected pond water on slides. 

They were looking to observe cells from different types of organisms, "eukaryotic organisms" and "prokaryotic organisms". 

Celeste and her lab partner found a bug in their sample! It was really interesting looking and a much more complex organism that they were looking for! 

The last part of the lab was looking at onion skin with stain on it. They applied the stain and then brought it to the microscope. 

Celeste loved every minute of this event. Andre did too, but science is definitely her passion!


  1. My stomach feels a bit funny now... lol
    I guess I have a few years to get over that before my boys get into this.
    It's so wonderful to have opportunities like this, isn't it?


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