Fungus :: Strathgartney Park Trail

We spent a beautiful autumn afternoon at Strathgartney Provincial Park. I will share more photos soon. The fall colours were still there, but many leaves were already on the ground. We need to visit next year a little earlier...

This post is all about fungus, so here are a few of the mushrooms we noticed during our hike. I hope I identified them correctly. I shared these on Project Noah (you can find me there under alexdk). I also posted on Project Noah several photos of mushrooms that I couldn't identify, hopefully others will help with the identifying. 

The next two photos are Hoof Fungus "fomes formentarius". Honestly, when I tried identify these I googled "fungus that looks like a hoof"! 

The next one is Witches' Butter "tremella mesenterica". It can also be called yellow brain or golden jelly fungus, but I like witches' butter the most! 

This next one was very different looking. I think it is Bearded Mushroom "hericium erinaceus". 

If my identification is correct, this one is actually edible and used in Asian cuisine. I need to get a more detailed mushroom and fungus field guide! 

The next photos I haven't been able to identify yet. If you recognize these, let me know in the comments! 

Can you tell I love fungus?! My kids know me well and call me when they find an interesting looking mushroom. They know I will want to take a photo and then search in the field guides or online. 

I am linking to the Outdoor Hour Challenge Carnival hosted by Barb at Handbook of Nature Study blog


  1. I love fungus too! My kids call me the Fungus Lady. :)
    You have such a large variety of fungus! Thanks for sharing your post with the OHC.

  2. I love these pics! I have been taking pictures of fungus lately and the boys let me know when they spot any. I haven't identified any yet although I have posted some to our blog and hope to get a guide for Eastern Canada - any suggestions?

    If you happen to know the ID of any on our blog I'd love to know!

    I just started looking at your blog and I love it and love to see the Canadian landscape! I look forward to seeing more fungus! ;)


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