Geocaching near Berrigans Creek + Canoeing and Archery

We met with two homeschool families yesterday and went geocaching together on the Confederation Trail near Berrigans Creek, not too far from Morell. 

We found four caches. The little girls seemed to really enjoy looking for these! 

I noticed a big field full of red. Our friend told us these were blueberry fields. I had no idea they turned this colour in the fall, so beautiful!  

After geocaching, we returned to our friend's and spent the rest of the day outside having a whole lot of fun. We went for another walk around the pond, some of us went for a canoe ride, and some tried archery and air soft riffle shooting! 

Celeste went canoeing for the first time. She loved it. Both Adrienne and Andre have done a fair bit of canoeing and love it. Adrienne had done a canoe camp with Girl Guides years ago, and they also canoe with the cadets too. It was nice for Celeste to experience this. She went around the pond and saw a beaver lodge. 

We all tried archery. Again, Andre had tried before with the cadets but it was Celeste's first time. I think I had tried archery once when I was a child... 

Andre gave me a quick lesson in archery. I really love when my kids are teaching me. Homeschooling is about learning together, sometimes I am teaching them, but so often we learn together, and also from each other. 

We took a walk around the pond, and followed a little creek. Celeste was outfitted so she could walk in the water. She was so so so happy. 

We saw more Witches' Butter and some other interesting fungus on the trail.

Another great day spent with friends outside, enjoying the fall season on our beautiful Prince Edward Island! 


  1. What a fabulous area! Looks a bit like NS! ;) Love the red blueberry bushes (I had no idea either!) and that blue sky!

    My boys love to geocache and have done it quite a bit with their father but for some reason of which I still cannot figure, I just don't get excited about it. But I love going along for the walk and discoveries and the excitement in the boys' voices when they find the cache!

  2. Beautiful! I can see us getting into geocaching when the boys are a little older (as in, when I don't have to haul the youngest around on my back anymore...). What a beautiful Island we live on, don't we? I hope I never take it for granted.


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