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Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity. We tried it about three years ago in Ontario but didn't get very far. There weren't many caches in our area and we lacked the equipment. 

We still don't have the equipment, but there are a lot more geocaches on Prince Edward Island. My oldest daughter camped several times in Strathgartney Provincial Park with the army cadets and knows the area enough to understand the descriptions of the caches locations from the site. 

We set out Saturday afternoon for a nice hike on the Strathgartney Trail. Our friend Carol came along and had a cell phone with the Geocaching app. We didn't end up using it a lot though. 

Seeing my daughters enjoying this activity, which I like to think as a treasure hunt of sorts, was wonderful. I think investing in a family GPS is in our future...

The Strathgartney Provincial Park Trail is very nice. We saw so many varieties of mushrooms and fungus (see my last post), as well as trees and moss.

I love walking along the path and off it too. The leaves covered everything, so we did have to be careful but it was fun because it wasn't just a straight path. The colours were fantastic. Lots of yellow leaves still on the trees! We will want to come again next year during this time but a little bit earlier to see even more autumn colours. 

Adrienne writing her name on the log of the geocache they just found. The girls found seven caches during our hike. 

If you are not familiar with geocaching, it's very simple. Watch this quick video to learn more and then visit the site at

I have a few more favourites photos from the 148 I took during our hike. I love seeing all these colours! Each season has so much beauty on this little island. I hope you enjoy these photos too. 

The trail goes along the river, which I think is the Clyde River, for a short time. At the end of the trail, we are just above where we started and we can see quite far. It's a beautiful view, even if I prefer the forest paths....

My last photo...

These adorable little purple flowers were growing in the field near the playground. Do you know what they are? Someone on Project Noah suggested Heal-All, Prunella vulgaris ...


  1. We love is so fun! Your island is so pretty and you take fantastic pictures! Thanks for taking us on this walk with you.


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