Make & Listen :: Number Twenty Four

Weeks just fly by, don't they? 

A little bit of making this week.

A little further in my Autumn Sampler from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I am trying to keep on top so I don't get too far behind, without stressing myself and still enjoying the process. It's all about balance...

In the kitchen and in the garden, I harvested what was left of the parsley and the lemon thyme. I used my dehydrator for both of these herbs instead of freezing them. They turned out great and I am looking forward to using them all winter. 

That's about all the making that happened for me this week, but I do have a wonderful "listen" part to share with you. 

My best friend in France (we've been friends since we were 16!) sent me a link on my facebook of a talented musician I had never heard of. Now I can't stop listening to her! 

What beautiful inspiring music. Between you and I, my husband has been listening lately to music lately that I can only describe as "angry". Everyone has their own preferences, but it hasn't been very pleasant to hear. 

Anyway, hearing Agnes Obel's music is like a full breath of fresh air for myself and my children. Un grand merci a toi Rachel.  

Here are two of my favourites so far:

I am linking to Simple Things Notebook for the weekly Make & Listen hosted by Dawn.


  1. Your sampler is coming along so cute. All of these samplers you work on make me think about cross stitch again. Must resist and live it up through yours though! ;-)
    The music is beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing, Alex!


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