Make & Listen :: Number Twenty Seven

Oops! I'm a day late for the weekly Make & Listen post hosted by Dawn at Simple Things Notebook. Yesterday, I was enjoying an afternoon with friends and then an evening with my family. Blogging just didn't cross my mind! 

This past week, I worked a little bit more on my autumn sampler. It's going slowly but I still enjoy it. I could "force" myself to work on it more often, but then it would become a chore, another thing on my "to-do" list and that is not the point of this project. 

I really like the crow in the last square. There are so many crows here in Charlottetown, but I like them. They have interesting personalities. 

I played with my camera this week again. I had missed that. One of my friends gave me some spaghetti squash and I noticed these curly details. I couldn't help it, I had to take a close up photo. Isn't nature so interesting?

I also took several photos during our bike ride on the Confederation Trail. I wrote about it here. The photo below is one of my favourites. I didn't crop or touch it up in this one, but I did for my new banner. I like both. 

In the kitchen this past week, not too much happening... I did make another batch of peanut butter oreo ice cream, but didn't take a photo. It's almost gone now... 

I baked for our homeschool friends, we had two playdates at our house this week. I made pear cinnamon loaf (like this recipe but with pears), healthy cranberry oatmeal muffins (recipe here), and pear upside down cake. Can you tell I had pears that needed to be used? The pear upside down cake is popular at our house, the recipe is from Canadian Living magazine. I doubled the recipe but not the sweet topping part and it was perfect. I didn't have a big enough plate or platter to flip the cake on, so I used that dish instead. 

Listening this week? A little bit more of Mad Men and lots of children laughing and the sweet sounds of a little baby too! One day, we had 8 little girls at our house! Poor Andre was a bit left out...

I am linking this post to Simple Things Notebook. I love the raccoon track cast they did this week! 


  1. So much to love here, Alex!
    We love watching crows. There was a family that lived by us in NS. They were in the cottonwood trees every morning. So neat to watch.
    Of course I love the photos. I have never actually seen a spaghetti squash vine. Very neat and love how it look like corkscrew pasta!
    Eeek! 8 girls! Sounds like fun!
    Thanks for joining in again this week!


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