Make & Listen :: Number Twenty Six

Another week flew by! We did have a very relaxing weekend away and I did a little bit more work on my autumn sampler. Mostly though, I played with my camera (a Canon Rebel T3i if you are wondering). 

One morning in particular called me out, the fog was pretty thick and the frost came and covered everything.

As the fog lifted, I saw even more the spider webs! 

I have so many photos, it will take several posts to share everything I want to share with you. I posted about the sunflowers already, you can see them here. 

We listened a lot to the sounds of chickens and goats, as well as the wind through the trees, and various birds. It was lovely. 

I am linking to Dawn's weekly Make & Listen at Simple Things Notebook. 


  1. Oh, you know how much I love making photos! Those are so pretty. Love the dew covered spiderwebs. We don't seem to have orb weavers around here, I did miss there beautiful webs!
    Happy you had a nice time away!
    Thanks for sharing!


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