Sharks Mini Book ~ A Brave Writer Project by Celeste

Back in June, I mentioned that Celeste had started working on a mini book about sharks. We had read a lot of books and watch many episodes of Shark Week from Discovery . We did a lot of research but then summer came along and the project was put aside. 

Last month, I mentioned the project again and explained to Celeste that she should put the information she learned about sharks in a mini book. We briefly looked over some of the books we had and then she chose several sharks to write about. 

She told me which facts she thought were interesting and I wrote them down in point form. 

We then built the simple book pages together by cutting regular school paper in half and stapling them together. I photocopied some of the images of sharks for her. She cut and pasted the images and used the names of her chosen sharks as titles. 

She then transformed my short point form facts into sentences. It might sound simple but this was a huge step in her writing and I told her how impressed I was with her. The smile on her face was so precious, she was so proud of herself!

She cut another set of smaller mini books and then handed them to each member of our family with specific instructions. We were asked to choose a shark from the list of her chosen sharks, draw it, and write down what we liked about it or an interesting-to-us fact. 

We each did what we were asked. Her big sister completed three of these, which pleased Celeste so much. 

Celeste added these drawings on each matching page.  

She is so pleased with her mini book! Below is a mosaic showing most of the pages of her mini book. She wrote about frilled shark, great hammerhead, cookiecutter, dwarf lanternshark, thresher, and great white sharks. 

This project idea came from the Brave Writer Jot it Down writing home study course. This month, we are starting the next level, Partnership Writing and secret codes! 

We have been following the Brave Writer Lifestyle and I have been so pleased with the experience and results so far. This is my personal review and I have not received any compensation for it. 


  1. Awesome! We are working on a scrapbook from the summer, taking the idea of the photo project from Jot it Down. In fact, both the boys (7 & 9) are doing one. So far so good ... we are about 1/2 way done!


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