Sierpinski Triangle made with Candy Corn

Just like our friends at You're Not Lost, You're Here blog, we love Vi Hart's math videos. She has inspired us over the years to learn more about math.

This latest activity involved candy corn and Sierpinski triangle. You can read about the Sierpinski triangle and fractal triangles on these sites:

Sierpinski traingle: Fractal Foundation

What are Sierpinski Triangles? from eHow mom

Sierpinski triangle from Wikipedia

Our friends did the big triangle too. You can see it here, and they passed on the candy corn to us. Thanks Carol! 

Andre built the triangle. Orion was very interested right from the start. 

It didn't take long to build it! We can always count on pets watching what we are up to..

Andre ran out of candy corn or it could have been bigger. Still it was fun to see the process! 


  1. Love this idea! Thank you! Just got a bag of candy corn to do this with my granddaughter. She loved it.


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