The Plan :: Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge

Lisa Marie from The Canadian Homeschooler gave us the prompt "The Plan" for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week. She wrote:

"Get as creative as you’d like. Show us your lesson/day planner, your calendar, your pile of curriculum, or anything else that you feels suits the prompt."
I decided to use photos I had already taken this summer when I had written about planning our homeschooling year. You can visit these two posts if you want to read in more detail:

The books that influence me the most while planning our homeschool year are the following: 

Project-Based Homeschooling by Lori Pickert 
You Can Teach Your Child Successfully by Ruth Beechick
The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Bauer
Homeschooling the Teen Years  
The Unschooling Handbook  

As part of my planning and after it, I try to stay organized throughout the year. 

Above my desk, I have a bulletin board. There is our "schedule" which is more of a guideline for us, reminding us which subjects should be done daily and which days we do the rest like history, geography, science...

I also keep above the "schedule" the sample month outline for Brave Writer. It is very helpful to us. Handwritten next to it, I have our writing projects listed for the Partnership Writing. On the sticky note is a reminder for our daily fitness. 

I seem to need to write down pretty much everything if I want to remember. I do daily to-do lists too. I do love lists. 

I am linking to the Canadian Homeschooler for the Weekly Photo Challenge. 


  1. I SO need a bulletin board to keep my "outside the brain" life organized (not that the stuff inside is organized in any sort of way at all....). Thanks for joining in! :)


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